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Characteristic of shaft coupling of rubber tree fat reachs applied range
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By the balata drive of rich flexibility. Absorb vibration and concussion can outstandingly, reduce the noise of machine. The balata part of elastomer reachs the aluminium that fills its acme to form by polygonal balata, each are together by felt of firm ground vulcanization. Mix this balata style with cylinder lining respectively flange dish radial of edge of bolt of line apply mechanically and axial join, have drive through balata body. Especially radial bolt join, because be will beforehand metabolic balata body and cylinder lining join, be thought to reduce a construction beforehand, have outstanding flexible, can undertake absorption vibration and percussive drive outstandingly. Balata body is useful the O0 that bolt secures installation to go up in axial and not fixed, the S0 (S that uses the S bolt that inserts installation to use to have drive 0) model two kinds, can ask according to assembling and unassemble choose and buy.
Major attribute: Use is extensive, each to flexibility, the circumstance of the deviation in can be being used at pairs bigger, counterforce minimum, it is CENTA invention and patent register a product. Etc of spline, smooth key asks all but.
Use range: Representative application is like motor of dynamo of diesel engine drive, compressor, pump, report, shipping is advanced, engine dynamometer.
Balata shaft coupling is the flexibility that uses balata, colophony connector is to use resinous flexibility, reduce, the shaft coupling that absorbs concussion and vibration. Loud flexible, low noise, need not lubricate, have maintain convenient, structure concise, service life is long wait for an advantage.
The product applies extensively at machine of shipping, engine, project (area of planer of concrete pump car, grab, roller, mill, electric machinery is hydraulic pump, other static press transmission to be like platform car, borer to wait) , industry of package machine, metallurgy, power industry, construction machinery, wind-force generates electricity, derv generation set, sky.