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Four-wheel drive car uses a liquid agglutinant shaft coupling
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Take a liquid the four-wheel drive car of agglutinant drive, be in those days a kind of when car transmission develops new trend. Traditional four-wheel drive car basically exists the following 4 problems: The vibration that to efficiency of experience of be concerned with, drive low, drive fastens mixes phenomenon of rapid change apply the brake, around annulus noise is big. Agglutinant shaft coupling won't be mixed between generation axis round of rotate speed interference between, eliminated the power loop appearance between the axis. In the meantime, as a result of the characteristic of its itself, also damply in transmission system very big one part vibration and noise. Of course, because be put in the reason with poor change, meeting have rendered great service leads a loss. But, integrated and all element, the car that equipment fluid sticks shaft coupling still is compared do not equip the efficiency of transmission of four-wheel drive car that fluid sticks shaft coupling is tall, fuel economy is good.
Develops fluid sticks shaft coupling to deliver power 100KW, won't appear inside poor limits of 50rpm rotate speed " hump " phenomenon, when rotate speed difference is more than 200rpm, appear " hump " phenomenon, and occurrence time won't exceed 60 seconds.
Apply or make over a circumstance: Joint development applies foreground on a few special purpose vehicle and special vehicle capacious.
Use a field:
Car or machinery produce a business
Achievement characteristic: Abroad the advanced routine that in last centuries 70 time have fluid to stick shaft coupling to apply on four-wheel drive car. 90 time already formed dimensions. There still is applied precedent till our country is current.