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Characteristic of metallic diaphragm shaft coupling and application
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Shaft coupling basically has shaft coupling of metallic diaphragm type, snakelike the shaft coupling of new-style flexibility material such as shaft coupling of bedspring shaft coupling, hyperboloid tine type, elastomer shaft coupling. For example: Shaft coupling of metallic diaphragm type uses the Gao Kang of metallic diaphragm material's fatigue character; Make integral shaft coupling has quality light, the job is reliable, do not need to lubricate, safeguard convenient wait for an advantage.
Awl is covered use taper to be filled with too cooperate to be applied at leather belt annulus the join with the axial join, join of chain wheel and axis, gear and axis, from rose greatly production and assemble efficiency. Pass the locking of bolt, settled axial fixed position.
Bilge close coupling covers what take the lead in using from 80 time Germany not to have key link unit, it makes your mechanical drive more stable, countershaft and hub all do not produce damage, install easily tear open, centering sex is good, treatment of countershaft, aperture and cooperate a requirement not tall, have overload protection to wait be in the majority the coupling of the advantage product.
Diaphragm shaft coupling is by a few groups of diaphragm (stainless steel is thin pull) with bolt crisscross ground and connection of two half shaft coupling, every groups of diaphragm fold collect by several and become, diaphragm distributes whole form that is connecting rod type and different figure.
The flexibility that diaphragm shaft coupling relies on diaphragm is out of shape will compensate a couplet the opposite displacement of two axes, it is shaft coupling of a kind of high-powered flexibility of metallic flexibility component, need not lubricate, the structure is more compact, intensity is high, service life is long, without rotate clearance, do not suffer temperature and smeary effect, have acid-proof, alkali resistance, anticorrosive characteristic, apply to high temperature, high speed, have the shafting drive that corrodes environment of medium operating mode, use extensively at the shafting drive of all sorts of machine, like water pump (especially pump of high-power, chemical industry) , machinery of machinery of fan, compressor, hydraulic pressure, oil machinery, printing machine instrument, spin, chemical industry machinery, mine machinery, metallurgy machinery, aviation (helicopter) , motivation of naval ships high speed, applying at high speed transmission shaft after classics dynamic balancing is more general already.
Diaphragm shaft coupling and tine type shaft coupling are compared, did not slide relatively, do not need lubricant, sealed, without noise, need not maintain basically, make more convenient, can replace tine type shaft coupling partly. Diaphragm shaft coupling in the world application of industrial developed country is very general already, use commonly in applying actually receive intermediate axis model, compensate function in order to raise two axes deflection.
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