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China is current the trade general situation of shaft coupling
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The sort of shaft coupling is very much, rigid shaft coupling, flexibility shaft coupling, stretch shaft coupling and safe shaft coupling wait. Their basic function is to deliver motion and torsion. But the shaft coupling according to different type, outside dividing basic function, still have other add aid a function, if compensate what axial, radial, horn reachs different level to the function of displacement,decrease brace up, amortize function and function of overload safety protection, in order to satisfy the need of system of transmission of different and mechanical equipment.
1. Product production develops circumstance and current situation

As the development of machinist job and science and technology, raised taller requirement to shaft coupling, it not only the requirement that wants contented high speed, burden, high accuracy, still should satisfy movement efficiency of smooth, drive is tall, service life is long reach safeguard wait for a requirement simply. To get used to market demand, satisfy the need of different transmission system, already ground the new-style shaft coupling that gives out a lot of different types will satisfy this kind of need.

Development of industry of our country shaft coupling is very rapid in recent years, and standardization rate is very high also, only level of shaft coupling state and occupation standard make an appointment with 90. Have so much level, have the application to shaft coupling and production very big stimulative effect undoubtedly, also offer a technology for the market advanced, reliable shaft coupling product had quality to assure.

Criterion numeral of our country shaft coupling is measured far over abroad industry is advanced country, because they are much,appear in order to produce the form of manufacturer example, reason is less formulate country or occupation standard. And the technical level of shaft coupling, no matter be structural type or technical parameter and function index, great majority reachs the level of foreign congener product. But from the product treatment precision, quality and service life photograph are compared, difference is very big, some can be achieved only on century 80 age level. Investigate its reason, it is the form that produces with the organization, dimensions and level of management are concerned, 2 it is to machine equipment to compare stale, manufacturing efficiency is low, treatment precision is poor.

The shaft coupling production of our country is in 20 centuries before 80 time, produce form a complete set by leader plant proper motion, had not formed the manufacturer of professional production shaft coupling. But after 80 time, the production of shaft coupling is moved toward stage by stage commercialize, and development is very rapid also, the major that already formed size dimensions produces a hunderd schools on manufacturer, its annual produce achieves more than 10 100 million RMBs.
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