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Transmission binds a development trend that the industry presents
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Transmission binds a main component that is mechanical and general component, it is the mechanical component with quantity wide bedding face, apply to metallurgy mine, traffic to carry, machinery of project machine, spaceflight aviation, shipping, light industrial the industry such as spin. Its function basically is to transfer motion and power, because its make those who use an occasion different, accordingly its deliver range small to M of · of a few N, arrive greatly M of several KN · , scope of its rotate speed is little turn to number / cent, turn to number greatly / cent. With clutch and shaft coupling exemple, as a result of the development of diverse use demand and its technology, their sort and type are diversiform, in order to get used to diverse demand. Clutch before the most commonly used is all sorts of wet a type clutch with dry type, its attrition material has iron radical, copper radical, phenolic aldehyde plastic, asbestine radical, paper radical, carbon radical for choosing.
Our country drive binds technology and production basically experienced 3 level. It is 60 time of ~ of 20 centuries 50 with self-made give priority to, cooperate the production of all sorts of mechanical equipment, form a complete set makes a few drive bind, power is lesser, breed is little, won't do set. 2 it is ~ of 20 centuries 70 80 time, as open to the outside world, introduce a few patent technologies, also imported all sorts of mechanical equipment, if introduce Austria to build the Gaisilinge of company of Si Lin pattern shaft coupling, the development to this one technology and in home promotion application had crucial effect. Import a lot of large dredger and other ship, the assimilation of stretch to high-power shaft coupling and stretch clutch is absorbed and development application also had very big effect. 3 it is close come ten years, basis of each industry department admits the need of form a complete set, a series of drive were begun to bind below the unified program in place of standard of courtyard of machinery of former mechanical ministry standardization works, had the job of a large number of basic standard and product standard, bind for transmission development of generalization, seriation, standardization laid a foundation.
Be in abroad, transmission binds production all is given priority to with specializationing, average scale is medium, small-sized, personnel is in tens of coming hundreds person, also having a lot of companies is global, alive bound each country has site of Wu of kimono of their production, sale. Also a few drive bind an one part that the company is big group company. These drive bind the common characteristic of a company is product technology content tall, suit to weigh the technology of machine form a complete set to need currently, treatment facilities is advanced, casting forging and hydraulic pressure, electric equipment yuan form a complete set of parts of an apparatus, management is advanced, pay attention to technical development and technical progress. Drive of domestic state-operated major binds a manufacturer is not much, also have equipment of a few large metallurgy, heavy equipment, steelworks, power plant, dockyard from already workshop of workshop section type undertakes transmission binds production of form a complete set, and in automobile industry relative to these state-operated major the manufacturer is some more. Besides, miniature civilian battalion business is more, can produce relatively single product.
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