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Shaft coupling of numerical control machine tool appears the trouble removal tha
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Because rate of feed of numerical control machine tool is rapidder, if the speed, rate that withdraws quickly is as high as 20m/min above sometimes, in whole treatment process positive and negative is changed frequent. Impact of instant of shaft coupling susceptive is bigger, cause easily shaft coupling becomes loose and turn round, along with the growth of use time, the circumstance aggravate that its become loose and turns round. When be machined actually, main show moves for each direction normal, coder feedbacks normal also, system is not had call the police, and athletic value cannot be worth conform to to close with the instruction from beginning to end however, machining error value is greater and greater, the part that causes treatment even discards as useless. Appear when this kind of circumstance, proposal check looks up shaft coupling.
Shaft coupling can be divided by the structure for rigid shaft coupling and flexibility shaft coupling two kinds of forms, can try to handle respectively by its structure.
1. Rigid shaft coupling
Rigid shaft coupling basically uses couplet axle sleeve to add the connection method that awl sells at present, and mostly on axis of feed electric machinery stock makes the same score key. This kind of join, use through period of time, conic annul begin to become loose, keyway flank clearance increases gradually, cause awl to sell even sometimes fall off, cause a spare parts to machine dimension to be not stabilized. Settlement method has two kinds:
(1) those who use tailor-made small fillet whorl is conic annul, add stretch gasket locking with nut, prevent conic sell what cause because of fast changeover to become loose. This method can be solved well conic sell the issue that become loose, also reduced torque of susceptive of smooth key place at the same time. Of course, because this kind of method is conic sell small head to have nut, must ensure shaft coupling has certain circumgyrate space.
(2) use two one big one little flexibility is sold replace conic sell connection, although this kind of method is done not have conic sold join method precision is tall, but can solve well conic annul shake a question, flexibility sells the flexibility with be had certain, can decompose a part to make the same score key susceptive torque, and the structure is compact, assemble very convenient also. Via maintaining medium applying, the effect is very good. But when assembling, want to notice, size flexibility sells requirement each other to be assembled into 180 ° , can affect the precision that the spare parts machines otherwise.
2. Flexibility connection implement
Flexibility connection implement it is the shaft coupling that numerical control machine tool uses extensively, because coaxial spends those who reach verticality error to cause,it can be compensated " interference " phenomenon. Below the condition that allows in the structure, the servo feed system of machine tool of major numerical control uses flexibility connection implement structure. But flexibility connection implement when assembling hold awl very hard to cover whether locking, if taper covers inadequacy of force of the attrition after going up, make opposite slippage arises to turn round between head of guide screw axis and head of electric machinery axis, in causing job of numerical control machine tool to move, the grade that is appeared to have the law by the dimension of treatment spare parts (by small greaten or big decrescent) , every time metabolic value basically is constant. If adjust a machine tool after fast feed speed, this change quantity also changes since the meeting, right now CNC system does not call the police, because electromotor roll is normal, the feedback of coder also is normal.
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